Say No To Dead Wi-Fi Zones

To set up your TPLink Wi-fi Extender, you should be connected to the Tplink Network. In case if you are not able to set up your tp-link extender, make sure your extender is near the home router for the initial setup process.

Trying to Install the WIFI Range Extender?

Choose how would you like to setup your Tp Link Extender

tplinkrepeater setup uisng Web Browser

  • To setup your extender using
  • Grab any of your wireless device i.e. phone, tablet or computer.
  • Now connnect your device with Tp-Link_2.4Ghz.
  • Open any Web browser like Chrome,firefox or Edge.
  • Type on the address bar http;// or, Hit enter.
  • Enter your your default username password.

Note: If the Range extender is brand new, please create a new username and password (without any special characters) for secure management purposes.

Configuring your TP-Link extender

To begin, we'll need to use an Ethernet wire to connect the TP-Link extender to your computer. This allows us to programme the wireless settings into it and connect it.

  • Plug the Tp-link extender in to power socket.
  • Now connect your Tp Link extender with your computer.
  • Open your computer's browser and go to Try if that doesn't work. A web page from TP-Link should appear.
  • Select Quick Setup and Next.
  • Select your region and Next.
  • Allow the TP-Link extender to search for available wireless networks. Depending on how many networks are nearby, it could take a minute or two.
  • Select Next after selecting your wireless network from the list.
  • When prompted, enter the wifi password.
  • In the final box, double-check the network settings and click Finish if everything looks good.

The TP-Link extender will reboot, perhaps allowing internet access. First, test it with an Ethernet cable, then without one using wifi. A light on the front of your TP-Link extension may indicate whether it is connected to the network or not, depending on the model. Keep an eye on it to see whether it can sustain a connection.

Tp link extender setup
tplinkrepeater setup

How to set up my TP Link WIFI repeater?

  • To configure Tp-link extender, make sure the repeater is powered on.
  • Now look for the WPS button on your device and press it once.
  • And now push the same button on your WIFI router or modem.
  • You will now see the blinking lights on both of your devices.
  • If your repeater is successfully connected to your main modem or router. You will see solid led light on the extender.
  • Now unplug the extender, place it where you get weak internet signals. - TP-Link Extender Login is an IP address that is used for installing a TP link WIFI range extender. If web URL is not working for you, use the default TP-link extender login IP

In order to access the repeater, you just have to open a web browser and enter this default IP in the address bar. This will take you to the default Tp-link repeater setup web page where you can install and configure your device with great ease. This IP address is designed only to handle your device installation process and works in the same way as the web address.

  • Use any laptop or a tablet and connect your device with TP-Link extender setup network.
  • Once connected, open any web browser i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Micrsosoft Edge.
  • And type in IP on the address bar.
  • You are now on the setup page.
  • Create a device login password to access the installation page.
  • Once you logged in follow the onscreen instruction to link your device to the main router or modem.
Tp-link new extender setup

The IP address is part of the Class C IP range, which also includes the addresses and This address is part of a private IP address, as defined by RFC 1918.

When a user visits this URL, they are greeted with an error message stating that "this site cannot be reached" or that "the URL takes too long to respond."

This occurs because the IP address is only available in a private location and not on the public network.

"Private networks" are IP packets received from a private range. Network devices such as routers provide a private IP address via Network Address Translation (NAS). These addresses are assigned by the current router using DHCP. Because is set as the default extender IP on almost all routers, this IP is used by home networks. If you are having trouble connecting to192.168.1.254, please contact our support team.

TPLINKREPEATER.NET LOGIN is an offline web URL that is to connect your wireless range extender. A user can visit the login web address to not only connect the extender its also for changing the settings of the WIFI repeater


Why I Can't Access the Tplinkrepeater setup page?

When a users can't login to the default login portal, it's either a common mistake or a major technical issue.

  • The web URL is incorrect.
  • WIFI connectivity is slow or inconsistent.
  • The version of the web browser is out of date.
  • The settings on the extender and router are not the same.
  • Windows firewall configuration issues
  • SSID and pre-shared key difficulties.
  • You are not connected to the network of range extenders.
  •, the server could not be found.
  • Problems with IP conflicting.
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) Issues (DNS)
How-to-set-up-a-TP-Link-extender setup

Tp-link range extender is still not working? If yes, chances are that you are using the wrong web address or some other reason as we discussed in the above mentioned. Let's discuss once again the step by step process to connect the WIFI range extender. Here's how to do so

  • Plug your TPlink to the power outlet.
  • Once you see the power led light on the repeater.
  • Grab any wireless enabled device and go to the WIFI settings option.
  • And connect your device with TP-link extender network
  • Once connected open any internet browser and type on the address bar.
  • You are now on the new extender setup page.
  • Connect the booster to your existing WIFInetwork by following the on-screen instructions.

How to factory reset my TP-Link WIFI Range Extender?

  • Firstly, take a paper clip or a tooth to factory reset the TP-link range extender.
  • Now plug the repeater into an electric outlet . Once you have the power led light on the booster.
  • Using a paper clip, press and hold the reset button until the device's LED lights begin to blink.
  • Make sure that the color of the light goes amber while you are doing the process.
  • Release the button after 10-15 seconds and wait for the extender to reboot.
  • Your WIFI repeater is back to factory default settings.